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An ad template is nothing but the exact size of an ad icon, usually measured in pixels. Each ad template in mud theme gallery is made up of different ad sizes or ad templates. The different ad templates are: 728X900, 160X500, 300x600, and 300x250 (all measured in pixies). Depending on the theme you choose, you will see different sized ad templates to go along with it.o To make sure that your ad template fits in the specified size, there are some quick tips you can follow. For instance, if you want your ad to appear as large as possible, you need to ensure that you use the largest size available in the particular category that you are promoting. However, before you do this, you should make sure that the number of pixels used in the preview are conforming to the recommended ad specs. In case if you cannot click on the preview, make sure that you use the "alt" key when you try to enlarge the image. This should help you to maximize the available space and give you a better view of the final product.o When you are done choosing the ad template that suits your requirement, make sure that you have listed down the different ad templates that you find appropriate for your product and website. You can either do this by visiting the Google search engine or browsing through the various ad networks that support these products. If the ad network that you want to use does not have the specific category that you are promoting in the list, you might consider using the search engines to look for the ad templates that you think will be effective for your purpose. This will help you save time and effort because you only have to select one ad template.o List down all the details that are provided by the Google search result for the ad templates that you are planning to use. This includes the title, copy text, relevant keywords, recommended ad specs and pixel ratio. Note that you must include the ad specs so that Google can determine the compatibility of the code with the codes on your site. Most likely, you will find the appropriate codes in the footer and the header of the page. The details that are found in the footer and the header should match the spec that is included in the specs.o Now it is time to go step by step and select the ad template that you want to use for your SEO marketing campaign. Note that when you click next to each ad template in the Google search result, you will get additional options such as the color of the text, its placement on the page, its position on the web page title and more. Once you get all the options, you will finally be able to click next to the ad template that you are planning to use.o It is highly suggested to create unique ads for each of your landing pages. This way, you are guaranteed that the ads that you are using are not outdated or outdated. You can also try to change the colors of the text ads, the number of ads per page and the placement of ads on each page. If you really want to have a professional look for your ads, you can use the same template for your ads. But if you are only starting, it is better to create unique ad templates for every page.o When you click save, Google will automatically remove all the ads that you have placed on the web page. However, you need to check the removal of ads properly. Make sure that you are not missing any of the text boxes or the labels. Also, you need to make sure that you are not closing any of the links. If you find any problems with the removal of the ads, you can ask for assistance from the AdWords associate.o If you are using more than one ad template, you should also provide your inventory data. For example, if you have 50 keywords, you can create multiple ad groups. Then, you can also provide the name of the ad group or the page where you would like to place each keyword. This way, you will be able to create a more focused ad template that meets your requirements. But, make sure that you use the same template in all the ad groups or pages.