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You can easily customize any of the following coupon templates for free online. You simply add extra text or graphics to them, or you can edit all content and add in your own text or graphics. Once you've created them, you can then create a customized coupon book for an even greater value. There are also many different ways that these coupon books can be created. Here are some ways that you can use them:Create a family vacation calendar. Add your family pictures to the calendar. Decorate it with a themed design or add a family theme. A vacation is sure to attract lots of coupons. This is one way that you could use a coupon template.Create an advertising or sales newsletter. Using a coupon template is one way to add a real promotional tool to your newsletters. Simply choose a design that fits in with the theme of your newsletter. You could then place the coupon in the upper right-hand corner or write the message inside the coupon template. The template could also be placed in an external browser window so that customers can instantly download it to their computer for use in their newsletter.Give away promotional products as gifts. Most of the coupon makers out there offer custom coupon books as gifts. This is one way that you could use coupon templates.You can also get free coupon templates on the internet. Some sites allow you to download hundreds of templates that you can use in your newsletter, free of charge. These templates may be used in conjunction with their coupon builder tools. Some sites that provide these templates offer them as part of a membership package, and others may charge a monthly fee.If you don't want to take the time to design your own newsletter, consider buying a coupon template online. Many of these online coupon makers have hundreds of templates that you can choose from. They usually have several different styles, and they offer many different sizes as well. A quality, high-quality template will make your job much easier when creating your own promotional tool.Once you have downloaded your template, you will want to import it into your website. One way to do this is to make use of a "cspage" plug-in. Simply add the code into any HTML page that you want to place the coupon box on. You might even be tempted to save the template as an HTML file and include it as a regular paragraph - but be careful about what plug-ins you include in your website! Using free plugins to upload your coupon codes is risky business - you could cause serious damage to your site.If you purchase a premium template from a reputable coupon maker, you will be sure to have a useful tool for building coupons. These templates are professional-looking, and they come with helpful features - including code snippets for frequently asked questions. This means that you won't have to waste time searching for helpful information when you need it most, making the process of creating coupons a lot faster.A good place to start looking for coupon books that contain templates is coupon databases. There are numerous sites that offer a complete inventory of coupon books, many of which are updated and maintained by coupon creators themselves. By shopping around, you can be sure to find a quality source for coupons that meet your particular needs. The databases might also offer a coupon book that contains hundreds or thousands of coupons.Another option is to visit print shops that specialize in discount coupons and sales. These stores usually carry a large selection of professionally-designed coupon templates, which you can choose from. Often the templates are designed to work with certain software products, and you will have the opportunity to preview them before you buy them. Some of the templates may also include graphics, which will allow you to give a more effective appearance to your coupons. Most print shops will accept custom orders and will design the coupons in full color unless specified by the customer.If you do not want to spend money purchasing a coupon template or database, you can create your own personal set of promotional tools. There are a number of templates available online, as well as a variety of clip art, letterpress, and other graphic formats. By creating your own coupon tool, you can ensure that it is highly effective and will meet the specific needs of your target audience. When choosing clip art or templates, consider using colors and images that are simple and easy to read. You will want to make sure that you are able to use the coupon in a printable format on your target audience's refrigerator, bag or flyer.Regardless of the way you choose to distribute your discount coupons, the most important thing to remember is that your goal is to generate sales. With discount coupons, you can increase your profits and build brand recognition with very little effort. By using high quality coupon templates and a high level of brand awareness, you can make your business presence felt by consumers who need your product.