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There is more than enough choice when it comes to choosing a flyer template to create that essential marketing campaign that you need to expand your business's presence in your local community. Each design has something a little different about it that makes it very attractive. So how do you decide which one is the right one for you? Below we will look at the main types that are available to you when it comes to choosing your next flyer.o A front end flyer template. There is more than 63 thousand different great flyer templates to pick from, so you may want to begin by making sure you know what you need before you start looking. So first, let us look at the most popular design. This is the basic flyer with no extra words in the design. With this type of flyer you have much more freedom to put in much more information about your company and how customers can get in touch with you.o Birthday party flyer templates. There are many different designs for birthdays. You could use the traditional red and blue color scheme, but the real fun is the birthday party flyers that have lots of creative ideas for using bright colors and unique fonts. The best thing is that because each birthday is unique it stands out from the rest. When choosing a birthday template you have to consider how much information is actually on the flyer itself.A Call-to-action template. Another very popular flyer template design is the call-to-action statement. This is where you tell the reader exactly what they should do after they get your flyer. For example, if you're printing your flyer for a new customer you might include, "If you're ready to make a purchase, simply fill out our order form." Or, "To get started, simply follow the easy-to-read directions below."o Audience flyer examples. When you look at many flyer examples, you'll notice that most of them are aimed at a specific audience. These are the ones with a call-to-action statement and maybe even an address or phone number. These are the flyers you'd hand out to joggers on a trail or to get people interested in your business. It's important to get people excited about your business or service so that you can gain their business in the future.o Great example. A great example is a flyer that is full of content and has a professional design. Often, the design is the first thing that will grab a reader. If you want to stand out as a quality printer, a great example will get people looking at your material. Look for a design that is clean and crisp, has good typography, and includes all of the important information that will help guide your reader to a buying decision.o Pre-made templates. When you look at pre-made flyers you'll find that they're either very cheap or they're not worth the money. With a flyer template you don't have to pay a premium to make it look nice. A pre-made template might also leave off key design elements such as a call-to-action statement, a great example, or even the best font. When you make your own, you're more likely to include these key elements to help customers get excited.o Three different colors. A good flyer example should have three different colors used in a design. These three colors should be used in a complimentary fashion. They should be used together, in blocks, and in a pattern. This will help guide your reader as to what your page is about and show them which color to expect on your flyer.