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Sure. There are lots of cool low-tech itinerary planners out there. What the heck are you asking? How can it be any different than an itinerary template?Basically, an itinerary template is a travel itinerary generator - a web-based software application that automates the creation and printing of travel itineraries. You simply select the "Save to Trip" button and let the computer do the rest. An itinerary generator typically includes some awesome features such as flight status alerts, hotel status alerts, and even real-time departure and arrival information. In some cases, it also allows you to preview your flight by dragging and dropping flight times from previous trips onto the calendar. In some cases, it allows you to select specific airports and destinations and generate Iata/ departures and transfers as well.But what if you aren't looking to make your business trip or traveling for pleasure? If you're using it for business, a travel itinerary template can still be very useful. It really depends on how organized and effective you are with your travel plans. If you travel often, then you will likely have very specific business travel plans in place. However, if you are traveling once in a while, it is often helpful to create a general idea of what you want to see and do. This will help you plan a more efficient trip and save you valuable time that you would otherwise spend sifting through travel plans and looking up and deleted information on various websites.The best thing about this type of software is how easy it is to use. You simply select a flight and destination and enter information regarding arrival times, pickup locations, terminal locations, etc. It then creates your very own business trip itinerary based on the data entered. It even keeps track of all the stops along the way to help you keep track of your travel plans. You can also pull up the flight information at a later time to make sure that everything is accurate.Business trip itinerary templates are also useful for those who are taking extended vacations. If you are going on vacation, you will likely need to come up with a quick plan and keep track of several things. For example, you will probably need to put together a list of places to visit and another for places to eat. You should also have an idea of what activities you will participate in upon returning home. These types of travel itinerary templates can make the whole process much simpler.A business trip can be anything from a simple getaway to a two-day retreat. It can also be a family vacation or a big business event. No matter what your purposes, a vacation itinerary template can help simplify your planning process. It is just a matter of determining what you are looking for in a vacation template and finding one that suits your needs. Once you do that, you can get started right away with creating your vacation itinerary.You can find these templates online. There are plenty of resources dedicated to helping people find the perfect travel itinerary template. You can also find plenty of ideas and tips to help you create the best trip details possible. While a travel itinerary template can save you time and make creating your plans that much easier, it doesn't stop there. You can even customize it to include your hotel details, airport details, even special instructions like dining reservations or shopping excursions.There are so many things to put into a travel itinerary template that you'll want to take the time to search around for the best ones that fit your needs. There are many different kinds of templates available, so you shouldn't have any problems finding one that works well for you. The templates are very easy to customize, which means that even those who aren't that organized can figure out how to fill them out with ease. If you already have your travel plans figured out, you can choose to add things as you go or just include everything that's already included in your itineraries. Either way, creating travel plans this way can save you time and make creating future ones that much easier.