2nd Birthday Invitation Template

2nd Birthday Invitation Template


A 2nd birthday invitation is perfect for a baby’s second birthday. Most parents want to send out a formal invitation to the guests at this age, but sending out a more informal invitation two or three weeks after the event is not uncommon. You may also find that you have more guests than expected, and an invitation two weeks after the birthday is perfect. Many invitations sent out at this time are simply a photo of the birthday couple and a simple message, such as “Welcome to your 2nd Birthday! Hope you enjoy the special day.”


If you are not sure about the age of your child, there are plenty of invitation templates available to help you get started. The most important factor is the wording of the invitation. If you want to make sure that everyone who is invited has a chance to respond, make sure that the wording addresses the specific age group of those who will be attending. For example, if your child is two years old, you would not send out an invitation for a three-year-old. In addition, if you do not know the correct age, you may want to consider asking for RSVPs. You can either have the party planner call those on the list, or have the kids themselves call you so that they can let you know if they plan on attending the party.


When it comes to these special birthday celebratory gatherings, parents usually have a lot of information to process, so a simple birthday invitation can really help to alleviate some of that stress. Even if you are making the invitation yourself, chances are that you know someone who will be two years older or younger than the birthday celebrant. In this case, having an additional line for them on the invitation can help to eliminate confusion and frustration. By getting the invitation out early, parents can have the kids planned out in advance and avoid rushing into arrangements that will inevitably fall apart.

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