Address Book Label Template

Address Book Label Template


Address Book Label Template is a set of instructions, in the form of an HTML document, that help businesses create and design their own labels for the benefit of their customers. A label is a virtual identification card for a product or a company that helps the customer to easily locate the item being identified. Address Book Labels provides companies with several templates that are specific to their needs. Companies can use these templates to create a more effective and efficient way of advertising their products to prospective customers. The templates are very easy to use as you only need to fill in information regarding the company’s name, address, logo and a tag line containing your company’s contact details and the like. The HTML document then generates a standard HTML label for the company.


One of the best things about this template that is produced by Address Book Label Designer is that it is user friendly and can be customized to meet all the requirements of a particular company. The template contains several elements such as the company name, address, phone number, street name, city and state etc. One can also add fonts and graphics to the label using standard formats that are available with the template. This template also comes with a sitemap which lists all the pages that are found in the complete document along with their names, addresses and phone numbers. These templates have been created keeping in mind the objectives of companies.


There are various advantages associated with this template, which is evident from the fact that it allows quick search of a company’s contact details. With this you are able to get hold of a company irrespective of whether it is an old or a new enterprise. This makes your task of marketing your business easier and simpler. One also saves time by avoiding making repeated calls to the companies and this helps in increasing your productivity. This template also allows you to generate an invoice on demand. You are only required to fill in the details of the company.

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