Audit Scope Memo Template

Audit Scope Memo Template


An audit scope statement template is really a memo that is provided for you by a qualified and experienced audit team. It is supposed to help the auditor and the client communicate well while writing the audit scope report. Basically, an audit scope is a summary of the audit work that has been done and a recommendation on how to save costs and improve performance and the quality of the audit work. In fact, this is the first step that an auditor will take when he reviews your company’s internal audit controls. This form also serves as the basis of the internal audit report.


The template should be filled up with the necessary information and data that are required for the review. Basically, it contains everything that needs to be included in an internal audit report. However, there are times that the template may need to be adjusted depending on the audit scope the company has. This is why it is advisable that the company provides their own copy of the audit management software.


When it comes to the creation of an audit scope memo, most companies prefer to have them written in Microsoft Word, a word processor that is commonly used within the office. If you are still using a different program, you can easily use the audit scope generator to create this document. You just have to enter the data and other specifications that you want to include in the audit scope. You can also customize the generated audit scope using different fonts, styles and formats. After finishing the audit scope, you can send it back to the audit management software team for a final review.

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