In this post, you’ll find free birthday flyers for the birthday theme, most often being just a simple birthday party invite, which isn’t really different from the traditional party flyers we see. These leaflets are easily available as editable and mockup templates, you can either download and modify to use it with yourself or your special customer. With the availability of free printable flyers nowadays, your business should have no problem creating these flyers quickly and efficiently. But, do you know the secret to making your invites look professional? This secret is all about planning.


In order to make your birthday party flyer template professional, you need to make your photo prints directly from your printer, not through an online service like Photoshop or Illustrator. Why? Because you need to have the correct format for your photo prints and to ensure that the final image will look right on your invitation. The problem with these services is that they convert your digital file into an electronic format, which isn’t ideal for use by a printer. An example of these services is Adobe Digital Editions, which convert a PSD file to an eBook, but doesn’t have the proper software for creating bookmarks in Illustrator.


Once you’re done with your template, simply print out your “final” copy using your printer’s CD-riter. You can also cut your “final” copy as you need it using your own scissors or a good pair of sharp scissors. This is important because there are some instances where you want your invites to look more “professional”, thus you may want to edit your original photo print to remove red-eye or crop the background. These methods are easy to do and you don’t have to do them all by yourself using Adobe Digital Editions or other such software. You can save yourself time and money by printing your own cool birthday flyer.

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Birthday Party Flyer Template
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