Blank Comparison Chart Template

Blank Comparison Chart Template


If you are using blank templates in Excel to compare data from different sources then you may find that once the data has been entered, then it may not be automatically updated. You would then need to either edit the original data source document or do a complete data import into Excel so that the data is ready to use when you do your charts or other statistical analysis. A blank comparison chart template may make the process of manually performing this task much easier but unfortunately if you do not have this template with you then it makes the whole process extremely difficult and slows down the data entry process considerably. The worse thing is that once you perform a comparison or analysis it will not update to reflect the latest prices.


Thankfully, there is now a solution to this problem. A blank comparison chart template is ideal for those who do not want to spend valuable time importing data into Excel. Instead, they can save time by pre-creating their charts in a template and saving this in an online format such as a flash file. This then allows them to continue to save the template as required and when they are done using it they simply close the file without having to re-open it again to update the charts.


There are several different types of blank comparison chart templates available. Some excel specific templates are available, whereas others are general purpose templates that may be used in a variety of Microsoft products. If you are looking for a fully functioning Excel template with all the bells and whistles then the most ideal solution is to purchase one of the excel specific templates that are available online as downloads. However, this option does mean that you may be missing out on some important features that are found in other templates. These features are usually quite expensive and may therefore be something that is more important to you whether you are doing a simple comparison or have complex and critical information to compare in your template.

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