Company Policy Memo Template

Company Policy Memo Template


A policy memo is an important document that outlines what company policies are and how they are to be applied. It acts as a formalized version of “how we do things” and provides a clear road map to achieve specific business objectives. However, writing a policy is not something that comes easy to most employees. Often they find the task intimidating and difficult. This is because a policy is essentially a summary or description of company policies, which is designed to provide guidance for the company at large. And, although the policies may sound straightforward, understanding how they actually work and what they say is of utmost importance.


A policy memo is written to provide direction and to inform employees of their rights and obligations in the workplace. Since writing a policy is about as far as most people get when it comes to managing and operating a large company, it is important that the right policy is written in the right place and at the right time. For this reason, writing a company policy that is effective and beneficial needs some specific know-how about what constitutes such a document. Fortunately, the Internet is filled with sources on just what constitutes the best policy to have written for any company or organization.


To begin, it is crucial that the policy be written clearly and specifically so it can serve as a reference or a manual that will be relied on time again. To make it easier to understand, think of it as a handbook that explains company policies in simple, accessible language. Furthermore, a good memo will be written with the assistance of other documents such as policies, operating procedures, company bylaws and other relevant sections of company legislation. This helps provide a full and comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of company operations.

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