Digital Advertising Media Kit Template

Digital Advertising Media Kit Template


When choosing your digital advertising media kit, it is crucial to ensure that you choose one that meets all your needs and requirements. This means that you need to be certain about the type of images, text, colours, logos, links, etc, which you will use within your campaign. If you are not sure, it may be worthwhile asking for some advice from a professional or someone in your company who can provide you with a template that meets all your requirements. This will help to ensure that you are happy with your media kit and that it meets your expectations. Remember that your campaign will be a reflection of your brand and image, so you will want to choose an advertising media kit that suits you.


You should ensure that your media kit contains a high quality photograph which is representative of your brand or company. The overall design and appearance of your media kit will help to attract potential customers and will ensure that they remember it when they are browsing your website. In addition to this, many digital agencies offer sample media kits which you can view. This will help you determine the final look and feel of your media kit and therefore ensure that your campaign is consistent and stylish.


There are other factors to consider when choosing your media kit. The size of your media kit can vary depending on your requirements, but you should ensure that the size does not exceed 300 MB. If you are unsure of the exact specifications that you require, you should discuss this with your media agency or brand development team. Depending on your requirements, your digital advertising agency or brand development group may be able to offer you a customised template that meets all your requirements, however, make sure that you know exactly what you are expecting before you pay. If you are happy with the template, you will then be in a position to purchase and start using your media kit immediately.

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