External Audit Memo Template

External Audit Memo Template


External Audit Memorandum Template is an important tool in the external audit process. It is used as a record of all the activities and progress that need to be reported to the CPA or the Head of Internal Audit Services. The template can be created by using Microsoft Office Online or other products such as Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, Photoshop and InDesign. With this type of templates, you have all the liberty to write the required fields and information without fearing that you will overlook some essential details. For example, you can include the names of the parties involved, the dates and tasks completed, the financial impact of the audit and the result of the audit as well as the feedback provided by the CPA.


The external audit memorization tool allows you to draft an audit report in a matter of minutes without much complexity. It is designed in a user-friendly manner, which enables you to review the draft reports from any computer with internet connection. This means you can carry out the audit online or offline as per your convenience. Moreover, you are also able to save a lot of time, effort and money, because it is not necessary to look for different documents when submitting the audit reports.


The external audit memorization templates are available in various fields such as accountants, auditors, lawyers, auditors, CPAs, internal auditors, government agencies, and regulatory bodies. These templates have been developed by professional and expert cPA’s from different fields. Hence, they are very useful for the external audit process. Moreover, you can use the audit report templates to prepare the audit reports in a more convenient manner.

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