Free Academic Desk Calendar Template

Free Academic Desk Calendar Template


An academic desk calendar is a visual presentation of a particular calendar year’s schedules and events. It basically provides all pertinent information to students, faculty, and staff that help them plan and organize their academic year. It provides the student with pertinent information regarding classes, lecture topics, tutorial schedules, and other pertinent information that help them better plan their academic year. These calendars can be made from various types of papers and distributed amongst the different departments or faculties in colleges, schools, universities and technical institutes. It helps to plan and coordinate students’ academic year.


An academic desk calendar on the desks helps as the primary resource for holidays, special days, and important anniversaries. It is where most of the administration bases an annual schedule for the student body to reference. Thus, it assists to follow deadlines, conflicts and overlaps, when there exists any.


A calendar can also be used as an organizer of important appointments such as urgent meetings, seminars, interviews, and group reflections. It helps to keep track of scheduled activities such as study groups, research proposals, and class discussions. Using a calendar template is an easy way of planning an entire academic year. One does not have to worry about organizing and synchronizing the information for each department or college. A calendar helps in keeping one on schedule.

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