Free Annual Desk Calendar Template

Free Annual Desk Calendar Template


If you have an annual staff meeting at your place, then you will surely need to prepare a template for it. Since most people get tired after their meeting, preparing a template with bullet points and bulleted points might help them remember the whole event. After using the template for years, you will feel that you always use it and you don’t need to look at it anymore. However, if you have not prepared one before the meeting, then you might find the following tips useful.


When you create your template, make sure that you have all the relevant information. You should include dates, names, places, times, agendas, and people who will be attending the meeting. You can include bullet points or a list of things that you want to discuss so that everyone will have an idea about what they are supposed to do. Make sure that you also include the short and long-term goals of your project so that everyone will know what they need to do.


If you want your template to be more user-friendly, then you can try to create it in Microsoft Word. You just need to create a New document from scratch and select the template option. In order for your document to print, you will also need to select the Planners option so that your template will be able to be printed in plain paper. By printing your template, you will be able to distribute or give it out to all your employees. But before printing your template, you should back up your original document first.

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