Free Annual Sales Desk Calendar Template

Free Annual Sales Desk Calendar Template


Creating an annual sales desk calendar is a great way to keep all of your sales staff up to date on who is working and when. The template is simply a sheet of paper with the names of your sales staff listed in order from top to bottom. They will be able to see at a glance who is working, how many hours they have worked, and when they will be working next. This helps ensure that everyone has a clear and easy view of who is completing their work, so that they will know who needs more help or immediate attention when they are called upon.


The template can be printed off of the internet, but you may find that it comes in a very handy as well, since then you won’t have to go through the process of creating each of your sales slips and booking pages manually. Each month you will have a separate template so that when it is time for the next month’s work, you can just copy and paste into the template that is already on the page. If you ever become confused as to what is on your calendar and how to get started, the template will make it easy to take a look at and understand. Many companies use the template to make sure that there is no mistake when it comes to their annual sales slips, since there is no way for staff to know what has been completed or not when they look at the calendar.


Having an annual sales desk calendar is not only a great way to keep your staff organized and in order, but it also provides a nice visual reminder for everyone to see of how much time they have worked. If you find that you are consistently finding new things to do and tasks to complete, then you may want to consider using the template to keep yourself on track. As well, since it is not difficult to create, you can print it out several times over throughout the year, ensuring that your sales team always has a nice reminder of the information that they need to know.

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