Army Certificate of Appreciation is one of the most important documents of appreciation that is provided to employees by the military forces. This particular document is usually printed on a notice board that is placed in many places in the workplace. Usually, the name of the person who is the recipient of this letter along with his designation or position is displayed on this particular notice board. The date of presentation is also noted in this document as it should be two years old as this is considered as a good practice.


Army Certificate of Appreciation Template is available at a simple notice board which is normally issued by the headquarters of an organization. The distribution of this template is done free of cost to all the important members and employees of an organization. Usually, this template is placed at the meeting room or the conference rooms where presentations of different projects are made. It is important that all the employees present receive this template upon their presentation. In some cases, this template is also distributed at the beginning of a project so that the employees present in that particular project do not forget to carry out the procedure of distributing it to the other employees who come later in the process.


This template is usually issued within six months of its creation and after that it is not anymore available for any distribution. In addition, there are usually no restrictions in usage of this template except that it can be used once for the specific organization only. The date of issue of this template is noted at the bottom of the certificate, so that if the employee should move from his current organization to another, it is easy to create another certificate of appreciation for him.

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