Automotive Brochure Template is nothing but the pre-designed Brochure created specifically for an automotive business. Most of them are offered in car showrooms too. Have lined up a number of your own. Not only cars, but various other automotive brochure layouts. You can even find Bifold Brochure mockups to choose from.


Automotive Brochure Template can be downloaded from Adobe’s website, upon purchase. However you need to make sure that the software comes with PSD to JPEG conversion tool. This is very important especially if you intend to sell your Brochure in Photoshop. So open Adobe Photoshop and click on ‘PSD to JPEG’. On the next window click on ‘Open’ button and wait till you see the message ‘You have successfully installed this program’, then click on ‘OK’.


In order to convert Brochures in Photoshop to your desired file format, first select the template you want converted and click on the ‘PDF’ option in the Adobe Photoshop menu. Now browse for the desired file format. On the last step click on the ‘load’ button. Now your Brochure is ready in JPEG or PSD format. If you like to know how to change the colors of your Brochure, you can search for the ‘Color’ option in Adobe Photoshop and you will get several color swatches in the result.

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Free Automotive Brochure Template
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