Free Basic Church Gantt Chart Template

Free Basic Church Gantt Chart Template

A basic Church Gantt chart template can be the key to saving money and time when running a church. It can also be the first step in a long journey to fully utilize your church finances. A well designed and created chart will help guide your priests and members through the various steps of accounting and financial management. A good chart can be utilized by anyone with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word or Excel. There is no need for proficiencies in accounting or finance to make use of a chart.


A template will allow you to produce a standard format that can be duplicated by many others who choose to use a template for their church financial management. You can find a free chart that meets your needs in order to save yourself some time and headache. Many templates also offer more than just a basic layout. They offer preloaded information to include information for each account such as income and expenses, as well as additional columns for additional data such as payment takings and investments. Depending on the purpose of the chart, you may want to include additional information such as a profit and loss statement or an inventory.


If you are in the process of creating a personal church budget or managing finances for a growing church then a quality chart is an excellent investment in time and frustration. Templates are readily available on the internet and come in many different formats including Microsoft Word or Excel. The template you choose should be able to meet your accounting needs. You should be able to customize the template to meet your specific needs in terms of format, layout, and information to include. Using a template will save you time and energy which will be applied directly to more pressing matters in your accounting department.

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