A basic root cause analysis template which is used in doing basic root cause analysis for various business problems. You could modify the template accordingly to enter the possible causes of the issue, and the probable causes of such problem. Use this template as an effective starting point and then to do your own root cause analysis on your own. The reason to select such template is that it would provide you with several important things to analyze and would even suggest solutions to these issues. In order to get maximum benefit from the tool, here are some useful tips to select the best tool for your needs.


First things first; you must enter the name of the problem in order to make it specific. Then you must add few words or phrases which defines the problem in terms of its current status (is it acute or chronic), description of the challenges and opportunities that are faced by the company at present, and also what the ultimate impact of all these factors will have on the company if they are not addressed in time. These final few words (such as ‘if the problem is not addressed in time ‘) are important, as they would highlight to you the urgency of the issue for you to deal with immediately. This means that if a potential problem is ignored, it may become critical in the near future; if ignored, it can have a very adverse effect on your business in the medium term.


Next step is to write down the problem itself. If the problem is described in a sentence, make sure it is a clear statement of the problem. Use language that people understand easily. For example, describe a problem encountered by the office staff in terms of a lack of trust between the senior management and the junior staff. In other words, use language that the people understand. Such template helps you in communicating and identifying the underlying cause of the problem and the ways to address them.

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Free Basic Root Cause Analysis Template
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