Free Basketball Magazine Cover Template

Free Basketball Magazine Cover Template


When looking at basketball magazine covers, the first thing that will come to mind is the artwork and photos included. It is the images in the magazines that draws the reader into the magazine to begin reading. Whether it is a full page or half page spread, the layout should be attractive enough to entice the reader to look more. The size of the magazine as well as its value will determine this aspect. If a publication is too small, then the reader will have difficulty enjoying the images contained therein, whereas if it is too big, the layout will look crowded and difficult to read.


The other important factor is the style of the magazine. Readers who enjoy basketball will most likely appreciate a magazine that features articles written about relevant events. This means that the style must match the kind of basketball, the author enjoys writing about. For instance, a basketball-related magazine will feature content about the current team, players and perhaps highlights from recent games. The articles can be entertaining, informative and even inspirational, but they should not be so blatantly obvious that it would take the reader out of the entire publication.


A good magazine cover template will make this possible because the template contains the elements that are necessary for attracting the reader. Whether it is a full page or a half, the layout should be aesthetically pleasing and appropriate to the subject matter. If the layout deviates from the style, then it will become obvious to the reader and will likely lead to a lack of interest. It should be simple and clean and provide all the essential information without the need to enlarge the layout and distract from the images.

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