Free Blank Gift Tag Template

Free Blank Gift Tag Template


A blank gift tag template is an easy way to make gifts interesting and personalized without the hassle of designing one from scratch. You can simply use a stock template that you can buy off the Internet, or download one from a website. There are templates available for use in all word processing applications, including Macs, PCs and even PDAs. Once you’ve downloaded or created a template, it’s time to personalize it for your needs.


The free gift tag template that I used ended up being a very useful tool, allowing me to quickly personalize gifts for a range of events. For example, I was able to create six different fun tags that I put on various packages for my friends. When you get ready to print out your own custom gift tags, be sure that you have the correct spelling of the person’s name, as well as any other important information you’d like to put on the tags. Using the exact spelling and grammar of the names and information on the tags will ensure that it matches up with the information printed on the envelopes, and looks as if it’s coming from the same person. After you’ve designed your template, you can then save it to your computer, open it in Microsoft Word, and then create your own personalized stickers.


The process was quick and easy, and once I was done, I printed out several different versions of the custom gift tags. Because I was using a template, all I had to do was change the names and other details as necessary, and then attach them to the envelopes. It took me about thirty minutes to print out each one, which was plenty of time to mail out my gift tags before the event, and enough to give my friends a few weeks’ notice. With a blank gift tag template, you can create the perfect card stock to print on, and have custom cards ready in a matter of minutes.

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