Free Blank Weekly Schedule Template

Free Blank Weekly Schedule Template

Blank Weekly Schedules Template is the best way of planning a project or an event in such a manner that the task is done with the least cost and the least effort. This template helps individuals with different needs to plan the same effectively in a more disciplined manner. Through this template, users are able to input data into it such as event details, time frame, budget, manpower required, number of participants to be invited and other event-related information.


This Microsoft Excel template can be used online and offline. The online version of it is best for those who wish to share this with others who are interested in creating similar spreadsheets. On the other hand, the offline version can be used by students and other learners who require preparing a timetable for a certain project or exam which requires preparation with the help of sheets that have blank entries. The template can be imported into MS Excel to be filled up by any user who has the software installed in his computer.


An efficient tool such as Google Docs can be used to create a blank weekly schedule template from it. In this Google Docs, the user is provided with a tabbed interface where he can easily fill up the details required by the template such as names of the individuals to be contacted, start and end date of the event, names of the people to be specified in the budget, manpower and the estimated cost of the project. The Google Docs version also enables the user to select from a variety of templates including some which are based on common business tasks and some are based on specific business needs such as sales, marketing, accounting etc.

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