Free Body Chart Template

Free Body Chart Template


It is very much possible that we have come across the term ‘body chart template’, if not, this article will help you understand the same. Now, a body chart template is nothing but an outline drawing of your body which may be prepared on the basis of medical or any other sort of statistical data. These are most commonly used in hospitals and are considered to be of great use to the doctors as they prepare the entire report for the patients on arrival so that they can give them the required medication in the shortest period of time and without giving them any side effects. There are many ways by which this body outlines can be made. Some of the ways mentioned below will be helpful to you.


When making a body chart using any of the above mentioned methods, you have to keep certain things in mind. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the size of the template. Since these are to be made for patients, it has to be slightly larger than the actual body measurements. This makes it easier for the doctor to create a body chart of the right size without making any errors thereby saving time and also reducing the wastage of material during the process. If you have chosen the method of making these templates online, then it would be better if you choose the template which is a little larger in size so that the entire outline can be printed easily. However, if you have made the template manually, then you may end up with a template which is too small in size.


When making a custom chart using the above mentioned methods, you need to be careful about the colors that you choose. Try to avoid dark colors unless you are completely sure about the color which will give the patient a better view. The best color which you can use would be the light yellow color. In order to create a professional looking chart, it is recommended that you should use black for the background and then choose the colors that go with the color of the medical record.

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