Free Book Spine Label Template

Free Book Spine Label Template


For many book publishers, creating a spine label for each title they print is an integral part of their business. With a spine label, the publisher can make it easy for customers to identify a book as belonging to a particular series, author, or even ISBN (which is an acronym for International Standard Book Number). The most common type of book spine label is a simple text box with a product description in block letters on one side and the name of the product on the other. While this type of spine label template usually attracts minimal attention, it is important to do your research to find the best design.


A spine label is usually made of high-quality paper that is acid free and laminated with an acid-resistant vinyl coating. This allows the label to withstand many years of wear and tear. It is important, however, that the label is consistent with the rest of the book. In addition to the title, authors, copyright information, and other design elements, you will want to include at least one additional image (see below) and any pertinent information regarding where the book can be purchased. The more images you include, the better.


The proper spine label template should allow the publisher to change any of the text blocks without altering the image on the back of the cover. Additionally, the template should allow the publisher to add a book map, which is simply a legend within the block of text, so that readers can easily find the section of the book they are looking for. Finally, a good spine label template should allow the publisher to change the price of the book, if necessary.

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