Free Bottle Label Template

Free Bottle Label Template


A label template is basically a document in Microsoft Word that serves as instructions for creating labels from scratch in different formats. As the name suggests, these templates allow you to print out a label from Microsoft Word, with any formatting you desire. There are lots of types of template available online as well as offline. In case you want to print the same template to print on several products, then it is recommended that you can try and get hold of a template that has multiple output capabilities.


You will require Microsoft Word 2021 to open this template and to begin the process of creating product information. After this you should open a text editor and type your product information. When the data is ready, you can either save this data in the template or copy it into the text editor. If you want to edit any data then it is recommended that you use the Insert function in Microsoft Word so that you can easily move the information from one place to another. This is possible only if you have already inserted data in the template and not tried to do so accidentally.


Once the template is saved, you can either print it out or cut it to size as per your requirements. The print out option will enable you to see the labels right away. However, you should ensure that the font style, size, alignment and color of the text on the labels match the information in the template so that it looks exactly as you want. For example, if you have entered product information like “product number”, “recipe” etc. on a template that is printed out, you should ensure that all the same characters are shown on the labels.

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