There are a lot of places you can find free BSC templates, but the real issue is that they only give you limited choices. You cannot choose what fonts, colors, and what process need to go in with your document. One of the biggest problems with Google Docs is that many people use it for creating spreadsheets, but it’s also great for creating documents for a business. Here’s an example of how a simple business management book cover template can work in your Google Docs application:


So here’s what you would need to include in your template: The title, which are the first thing people will see when opening your document management account; Body, which are the meat of your page; Sub heading, which gives people a concise overview of the entire content of the page; H Section, which are a convenient place to display your company’s mission and vision statement; and of course, I/O, which is a table where you can easily organize your information and create sub pages. Now, what you can do with this kind of Google Docs template is to incorporate all of these into your own company’s logo and branding. It doesn’t have to be a complicated design, but it should include some elements of your company’s personality. After all, when you send out your promotional material and someone looks at the cover page, what do you expect them to see?


Checklists. Most people use checklists everyday, and so it only makes sense to have checklists in your BSC templates too. A checklist is a handy tool to keep things organized and in order, and most people do not use their head while brainstorming. Your Google Docs template should include your company’s checklists for business process management, schedule management, and budget management. These are three areas that you cannot do without if you want to succeed in today’s business environment.

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Free Business Management Book Cover Template
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