Free CD Label Template

Free CD Label Template


You can quickly create CD labels with Microsoft Word. This template is available on the internet and is easy to use. You can simply print CD sleeves with Microsoft Word and then insert them into your CD/DVD. The CD template is fully compatible with Word versions before or later. If you use Word 97, you should download the latest version.


After saving your template in the Microsoft folder, it should be” Template” located at the “Content” menu. Then click “Print Screen” to print the CD sleeves. Notice that the font size has been changed to 12-point in size. To change the font size, click on “Settings” and then click” fonts”. Notice also that the default formatting of the labels has been changed to bold, italics, and border.


You can also view the contents of the template by clicking on the “View” button. You will see a page layout tab with the details of your layout. Click on the arrow next to “page margins” and change the values to what you want. The blank spaces at the top and bottom of the labels will be filled in for you. on the “Content” tab. The “Content Wizard” appears. Use the arrow buttons to choose the page number you want the text to appear on. Once the page number has been typed, the wizard will ask you to specify the width and height that are needed for your CD label to fit properly. Enter the dimensions in the “Valid Layout” text box. Click “OK”. Once you have completed the installation of the template, you can save the CD label by selecting “Save” and then “OK”.

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