Hand washing is a requirement for everyone, but most people take it for granted until it becomes a painful experience that leaves them shaking, and sometimes bleeding, from their infected hands. A CDC Hand Washing Recommendations Label Template is the perfect tool to help you learn proper hand washing techniques. These recommendations are provided by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is one of the most important pieces of information you can acquire in order to prevent spreading potentially deadly diseases and bacteria to those around you.


In order to meet the guidelines of the CDC, all persons involved in the actual hand washing process (owners, employees, and children) must wash their hands thoroughly. This includes washing with soap and running hot water. All rashes, sores, or other infections should be promptly cleaned with clear water. Failure to do so can cause serious bodily injury or allow the spread of germs to others.


By following these simple instructions on how often you should wash your hands, you will greatly improve the safety of your own hands. It’s not enough to simply wash your hands; you need to do it correctly. Don’t use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Instead, choose a mild unscented soap for the job, and avoid using towels that have been used previously, as they may contain hidden germs. Your doctor can give you further instructions on how often you should be washing your hands.

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Free CDC Hand Washing Recommendations Label Template
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