A Certificate of Employment template is basically a record that shows proof of employment. It can also be called the employment reference number or EIN. This is an important document because it helps in tracking down an employee, checking his records and firing him or her when needed. Most employers also use this document to show proof of residence and the person’s security clearance.


A typical Certificate of Employment contains basic information such as the name and address of the person, his previous and current employer and the job title he holds. The details found on the template can also vary depending on the needs of the employer. In order for employers to use this kind of document, they must first fill out a form indicating certain basic information about the prospective employee such as his education, work experience, skills and qualifications. Afterward, all the necessary information should be indicated on the template. The employer will be then given a number of sheets which he/she will need to photocopy and scan for submitting to the concerned office. An additional fee may be charged for any additions or modifications.


Before using a Certificate of Employment template, it is imperative for an employer to ensure that the information provided in it is true. In case there are any inconsistencies, this could cause legal problems for the company. The template may also contain a field indicating the job title or description, the person holds. This field would be used if the employee wants to apply for different positions within the company. Finally, it would also be wise for employers to get their staff members check the document first to make sure that everything conforms to the standards laid out in the law.

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