In order to start with the Certificate of Employment with Compensation template, you must decide on a good governance set up. Good governance means that every employee, be he employee, work officer, contractual employee, or independent contractor, must have some form of a written employment contract, a receipt for payment, and his own ideas about his future. In such a scenario, the document needs to lay down everything that you want to convey with your employees, and also needs to ensure that you keep tab on the various paperwork that comes in the way. The template for the Certificate of Employment with Compensation is no exception; a good template should lay down all the requisite information, and more importantly, should ensure that the employees too have some good ideas of their own about their livelihoods.


Another good governance set up for your template is the inclusion of an Indemnity clause. In simple terms, indemnity means that you protect your employees from any claim made by another party against them. Again, the Indemnity clause should be a separate document from the rest of your template. For instance, the Certificate of Employment with Compensation template could have an Indemnity clause that reads as follows: If an employee or other member of the management team dies or becomes permanently disabled while on duty at the workplace of this company, the whole or any part of the amount of payment received by the employee, or his family for the accidental injury, shall be paid by the employer, subject to the terms and conditions of this policy. It would also be appropriate to include the words ‘or its’ in front of the word ‘gratified’. Such a provision of the Indemnity clause is not mandatory in all the circumstances but it is better to have such a clause included.


The third set of documents you may need for the complete set of requirements for the Certificate of Employment with Compensation and Pagibig Forms 3 Flh050 6 checklist of requirements for Pag and the related policies is the employer’s declaration. This is necessary because the declaration states the type of work expected of every employee, their qualifications and experience, and other relevant information that could be deemed relevant by the board. You will find that different companies may have different types of requirements, so it is important to check what type of requirements your employer has in writing. This declaration may also be a good source of information on the existing and future job openings in your company.

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