An employee award certificate template can be extremely beneficial in motivating workers to work harder. An employee must have at least one document that shows proof of their achievements, such as a certificate of excellence. It shows to the employers that the individual has been performing above and beyond the call of duty, thus putting them above the average employee. In addition to boosting performance, it also demonstrates to potential employers that you have taken your work to the next level.


To create your award certificate template, you may use Microsoft Word or Publisher. Depending on which program you are using, there are some basic parts of the template that you will not need to fill out. However, if you need to enter in extra information, then you will need to copy and paste the basic parts of the template.


In order to save your template in either Microsoft Word or Publisher, you will need to download the Adobe Illustrator software. You will need to open a new document in Illustrator and then go to “Settings” under the “tab” for “drawing tools”. Under “Color”, you will need to choose a color from a palette, and under “Palette”, you may choose a color in the traditional” RGB color system”. Then, under “Aid”, click on “Aid”. Finally, save your document as a PDF file, then print it out.

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