A certificate of origin template is an ordinary type of document that contains a declaration of whose original country a certain good or item was made. A certificate of origin form usually contains basic information regarding the goods, their country of origin, and their intended destination. This document is also a prerequisite by many international trade agreements to identify the eligibility of the recipient for direct export and more specifically, import. For instance, if China wishes to ship airplanes to Pakistan, it must display the certificate of origin of the Chinese national who will be receiving the shipment. In addition, a certificate of origin helps avoid delays in the delivery of cargo or shipments, which could be caused by missing or non-dispatched shipments. If properly prepared and appropriately signed, a certificate of origin can improve the efficiency of international trade by: allowing faster clearance of invoices and forms; precluding fraud and other illegal transactions; and ensuring the safe return of consignees’ goods or assets to the shipper.


Many businesses use a simple yet effective origin template to prepare all their shipment documents, especially those that are shipped overseas (e.g. to China). Although there are plenty of commercially available shipping templates readily available in the market, these rarely include a precise statement of the destination of a shipment, or a list of all the goods or items that should be included on the shipment in the first place.


Thankfully, there are now services and software programs that can aid companies in preparing accurate certificates of origins without the need for a human expert. These software programs use sophisticated database applications to generate a standard set of business certificates tailored to the specific country concerned. The resulting document is an easy-to-read format that are compatible with the most systems and contains complete information relative to the specific country concerned. Furthermore, these programs are also compatible with the most exporting software. No matter what export applications one uses, the resulting export file can be easily opened and manipulated in a spreadsheet, allowing the exporter to simply enter a few numbers and have the certificates appear in their format. Thus, using an exporter that has this capability greatly reduces the risk of human errors, and increases the speed and accuracy of export processing.

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