Free Charter School Postcard Template

Free Charter School Postcard Template


When looking for a great way to get your local charter school noticed in a tough economy, a great way to advertise is through the distribution of a charter school postcard. The postcard can be designed and printed by you or have it done by a local printing company. You will find that the price for such a project will be small compared to other marketing tools, but it still can help to drum up business. The front of the postcard should include a short story about the mission of the charter school and highlight the specializations or areas of concentration that the school offers. It should also offer contact information for the principal and staff. It should also include the school’s telephone number and mailing address, as well as email address.


The back of the card should contain basic information about the charter school, such as what it was founded to accomplish. It can also talk about the philosophy and provide basic facts about the various courses offered. If there are any professional organizations that the school is affiliated with, place a link to their website as well. This will give potential students an idea of what type of education they can expect from the school.


While a great postcard design is not necessary, using one that is professionally created will help to make sure that the card has a professional look. This will also increase the chances of it getting read and being used. There are many different templates that can be found online. Finding one to use is as simple as visiting a website that offers a variety of printable templates. Using a template will save you time and money when designing and printing the card.

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