A cheerleader award certificate template is available online and can be used to create an award certificate to be given to cheerleaders at a cheer competitions. This cheerleading award certificate template is very simple and you will be able to complete it in no time. All you need are colors, text, fonts, and a picture of your choice. The cheerleader award certificate template comes with the cheerleader’s name on the front cover, the school’s mascot and sports team if applicable. You can add other decorations to make it look more festive, including a color wheel for color matching.


When you use the cheerleader award certificate template for your award certificates, you are giving the cheerleader’s something that they can cherish for many years to come. If you decide to use a photo of your child as the front cover of the certificate, you may want to include some additional decorations on the back of the front cover. This will add even more character to the award certificate. You can use one of your child’s favorite photos or you can choose to simply scan in the picture. A white background is usually the best choice for a cheerleader award certificate template.


If you do not want to use a photo, you may want to consider printing out several pictures of your child cheering from various events. Then you would simply have to transfer the prints to a regular sheet of paper and glue them together with a white background. After you print out the certificates you will be able to decorate them however you want to. You could glue on letters spelling out the name of the Cheerleader, the school or perhaps create something unique by creating a triangle or checkerboard design. You could also create a fun character for each letter of the Cheerleader Award Certificate template.

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