Free Children’s Non-Fiction Book Cover Template

Free Children’s Non-Fiction Book Cover Template



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Using book cover templates to develop your own, eye-catching designs is simple. You simply obtain all the basic components of an original cover design, and then it is up to you how you do with them. Experiment with all the different design options until you find something that represents the theme you’re telling. You can use your imagination here – think of ways to combine images or text to make something new.


Another great way to use book cover templates creatively is to make it into a work of art. How? By using a variety of sizes for your text and a variety of sizes for your art. Think of a cute little flower that’s tattooed on the front of a children’s book, or another idea for a tattoo design is to make the image in black and white and then highlight the image with a color. Making book covers into works of art gives them real visual interest, and people will appreciate the effort you’ve put into this much more than just the cover itself.


Use book cover templates creatively even more by changing one element of it at a time. For example, if you have an important first line that you want to prominently display, then make the background of the image as dark as you possibly can. Then use that dark background to hide your header or footer, and use that lightness to emphasize your most important message. Many different shades can be used to achieve different effects.


Even the blank areas on book cover templates can be filled in to give your book covers character. Say you’re creating a children’s book, then you could fill in the different seashells and stars to give your page’s character. A butterfly or flower might be a nice choice, but there are countless other things that you could fill in to make your book look more attractive.


No two illustrations are alike, so when you create your own image source don’t be afraid to be a bit adventurous. If you’re using a photograph that you found online or in a magazine, then why not use the photo as your main illustration. Then incorporate your text in a style that suits the photograph. This gives you a unique book cover that will catch the eye of readers and make them want to see what else you have to offer.


Another thing you can do is to draw your own illustration. Many artists can provide you with a sample of work that you can choose from on their website. This will enable you to have something gorgeous to work with in no time. Then, incorporate your text in a charming and unique style that catches the eye of readers and makes them want to know more.


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