Classic Penguin Books is renowned for it’s memorable characters and unforgettable themes. The Penguin Classic Book Cover is one of their most beloved images. It represents every single title with unparalleled classic style. We have all seen them: on t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, postcards, coffee ads, even in video games! The enduring popularity of this timeless image is owed to its simple design elements which, when combined, create a powerful message – one that sells! Here, we take a look at the classic Penguin Book Cover.


The Penguin Classic Book Cover has been licensed to many times to be used as book covers, not just by Penguin but also by other popular designers such as DVA and Adobe. In celebration of their 70th year of producing iconic penguins, classic book cover template inspiration of penguins: cover to cover features ten years of gorgeous classic covers created by acclaimed illustrators Emile Zola and Jean Goudin. These designs are collected here for your use.


Emile Zola, a French comic artist, took interest in penguins while trying to sketch various characteristics of African wildlife. Jean Goudin is a famous French illustrator best known for his illustrations of both human and animal subjects. When using a combination of both these artists, one can create a truly unique image that stands out as a true classic. A photo book cover template can be applied to almost any text-based book and can be used with almost any type of publishing house.

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Free Classic Book Cover Template
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