Free Corporate Postcard Template

Free Corporate Postcard Template


A business card is an important marketing tool used by companies for more than 30 years now, yet still, there are many companies which fail to make the most out of this asset and end up with an ordinary-looking postcard. If you really want your company to turn the winning aspects into reality, you have to follow a certain line between an ordinary postcard design and a stunning one. Here are just some of the simple tips you can apply in creating a postcard template which will surely stand out amongst the rest. Apply these tips and your postcards will certainly end up looking more attractive.


The first thing you have to keep in mind is the choice of colors. You can have a white post card template with an attractive background using a black or a white border, but the whole point is to make the card look more appealing and not less. Of course, all the colors should match so that your post card template will come out looking more appealing to your prospective clients. Use a lighter font with darkish colors for a simple, classy touch. This means you have to be careful in using the font colors because it should complement your postcard image as well as being a perfect match.


Another thing you should remember about your postcard templates is that you should try to have a strong typography, just like the way you design your corporate flyers. If you fail to emphasize your company’s logo enough, then people will find it hard to read anything on the flyers. As much as possible, try to have a simple and strong typography, so that it can easily catch the attention of your prospective clients. For example, choose a font size that is legible without having to squint or stretch your eyes to read the words. That way, your clients will surely have no problem reading your brand’s information and details, and they can get a quick glimpse of what they should expect from your company.

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