Free Creative Magazine Cover Page Template

Free Creative Magazine Cover Page Template


If you have the knack for words and have a good eye for designing, then a creative magazine cover page template can be a great way to start creating your own images to use as inserts on your glossy page. These images are perfect to be used as billboards, logos for products or services, or even as a unique souvenir of your vacation to a tropical island. For whatever reason you wish to use these images, they are a great way to show off your talents and also get some immediate exposure to the public. When designing the template, first choose your image and the style that suit you best. Once you have chosen the template and the image, all that is left is to add your text.


To make sure that the template has the best effect on your image, you will want to add a small corner of the image to your magazine cover layout. This will bring together the border portion of the template along with your image and give a seamless appearance to your front cover page. You can add any other text to this portion of the template such as your company’s logo and/or mission statement or a small quote or a joke from your blog. The border of the template can also be varied in size to match the size of your image.


After you have added your text to the page, you will need to align it properly so that it appears neat and organized on your magazine cover page. To do this, simply place the cursor at the center of the page and then click your mouse button once in order to align your text correctly. If your text seems to be off center or jagged, simply edit the page that you used to create the template and reschedule the insertion of your text. Doing this process a few times should ensure a professional appearance and allow you to create many more magazine covers using the same template.

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