When looking for a good bender for your design needs, you may either settle for an editable template or one that is ready to print out. If you’re like many others, you prefer to work with an editable template so that you can always change elements of the design as needed without having to re-write everything again. It’s understandable – you want to keep your design as versatile as possible since its main purpose is to serve as a useful guide for designing something creative, right? With a ready to print bender cover, you simply have to provide bender design instructions that you want printed onto the cover’s front flap and the bender cover will fold over itself to create a bound book. Now all you need is to stick it into the printer and voila!


Ready to Use Editable Binder Cover Templates Although editable binder cover templates have the edge on design flexibility, they lack a little bit of design style. Most of the designs available have only basic themes such as holidays, spring themes and so on. Binder binders can easily be purchased from stock but if you possess some basic design skills then you can try to create bender covers on your own through various editable binder cover templates. Choose among the numerous editable binder cover templates which offer a variety of templates that feature preprinted designs like checkers, hearts, florals, butterflies, sports, fonts, etc.


Another advantage of bender templates is that they are very affordable. They are available in two standard sizes – 8.5 inches by 12 inches and 11 inches by 14 inches. You can get them customized according to your choice and they will cost you much lesser than the other designs. If you are interested in creating colorful bender covers, you should be careful about the template you choose since most of the templates available online are not in accordance with the design styles of most printing houses. A lot of online templates to use basic colors and do not have any gradient or pattern designs which would definitely destroy the beauty of your finished product.

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