An experience certificate or an employee experience certificate is basically a form that verifies the employment history of an employee. Usually, it is issued to an employee once they submit their duly completed application to their prospective employer. This kind of certificate can be extremely useful for employers who are on the lookout for new employees as it gives them the basic knowledge about an applicant’s professional experiences and skills, which are essential in helping the employer to assess whether the applicant would be able to do the job properly.


The template used for the job experience certificate template must have certain specific qualities and hence should be made in such a manner that it allows the employer to make the best decision while filling up the form. The template used should have space given at the end for the details about the type of education and training that the applicant has undergone. The amount of experience that an applicant has should also be mentioned in this particular space. Employers usually require an applicant to have at least one year of work experience in order to be eligible for the certificate.


The template used for the employee experience certificate template should have a section where the letter of Intent can be written. This should clearly spell out the reason why the prospective employee seeks the certificate. This letter should be accompanied by a current pay slip that shows the date of receipt. Such templates can be easily bought from any office supply shop or a number of websites on the internet.

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