Free Equipment Maintenance Schedule Template

Free Equipment Maintenance Schedule Template

An Equipment Maintenance Schedules Template is the best preventive maintenance schedule management solution available and also comes in very handy if you are trying to manage your time and cost effectively. The template has been designed in MS Word file format so that it can be easily converted into other software like Excel, CSV or any other. It contains alphabets and numbers to identify the various tasks to be carried out on a regular basis. The template uses a logical numbering system which allows you to create an effective schedule while at the same time keeping the costs under control.


The main advantage with the Software Maintenance Schedule Template is that you can also use it as an invoice making tool. All you have to do is copy and paste the text and then make the necessary changes to match your current business needs. Once you are satisfied with the resulting file format, you can send the original template as an invoice to your customers or vendors. This saves you the effort of having to make new accounts, which in turn saves on your cash flow and the time consumed in opening and maintaining new accounts.


To convert the Software Maintenance Schedule Template to MS Word, you need to open a text editor like WordPad or Notepad and then go to Tools, Maintenance and Schedules tab. Select the Template from the list and click on the Convert button. Then you can either save the file format to your computer or set it as template for Microsoft Outlook or other MS Office applications. Once you have set the template in your preferred application, you can carry out the necessary schedule maintenance activities without any hassle.

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