Free Example Manufacturing Gantt Chart Template

Free Example Manufacturing Gantt Chart Template


The Gantt Chart template is used extensively in the manufacturing industry. It is a chart which shows the production flow of a manufacturing process over a period of time and helps in the determination of optimum productivity levels. It was first introduced by Motorola as a component of their production tool called the Gorilla. After some modifications it was made available publicly and is now used in many applications. The template allows for the fast generation of action tasks needed to keep the entire process moving in the planned direction.


A major advantage of using the Gantt chart is that it assists in the quick identification of problems and issues which need immediate attention of the production staff. This way the production staff spends less time on nonproductive assignments such as sourcing of raw materials and other back office jobs. This way the manufacturing process is able to move ahead at an optimum level, with minimal cost involved.


The use of this template has a number of advantages for a manufacturing concern. One advantage is that it helps the management to set benchmarks for the processes of the company. This way they can monitor progress and monitor the performance of the entire process. They can also set goals for particular departments within the company and set targets as per their requirements. This way the company is able to ensure the quality and efficiency of their services or products to the consumers.

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