Free Example of Family Tree

Free Example of Family Tree


A family tree is a graphical representation of the genealogical history of any specific family. These are usually drawn using trees or charts to represent relationships between people and sometimes even other objects. In some instances, these may also be drawn as a kind of diagram showing connections among unrelated families. Such a template can be downloaded for free from the internet to serve as an example of a family tree to help a person remember certain family members in their family. For example, if someone wants to know about their relation to his cousin who is from a different state, than he can search for all states that his cousin has lived in until now using this template. This way, he can easily create a picture in his mind of how his family tree will look like.


For example, a person may need an example of a family tree to help him learn more about his relation to his late father, grandfather or even mothers. To do this, he can make a sketch of his own family tree by starting with the basic outline representing his relationship to each family member. Then he can add more details on the branches connecting each of them through the use of shading and other tools available in some software programs. His current location, his birth date and other vital records can also be added depending on his preferences. This example of a family tree will then serve as a template for someone else who wants to draw a similar illustration.


Free examples of family tree can also be found online, where a person can download and use them freely as long as they remain in the public domain. One can find many websites offering them as a source of information. Examples of family trees can also be found in many magazines such as the Sunday paper or a family oriented book. However, before making use of any of these resources, it is important to ensure that they are accurate. By downloading free examples of family tree, one can at least get a glimpse of how a graphical representation can help him or her recall family history.

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