Free Family Relationships Tree Template

Free Family Relationships Tree Template


A family tree diagram can be defined as a graphical representation, which provides the overview of the relationships among a group of individuals. These are very important in making an attempt to understand family relationships. They help in the better understanding of relationships that exist in a family, their past and their future. A family relations diagram helps us to organize and explain relationships among members of a family.


The purpose of creating a family tree is to create a sort of a picture biography or narrative of the person, his ancestors and their relationships with each other. This information is important in the study of family history as it uncovers the various phases of development of the family, the people who were involved in its formation, people who left the family and their relationships with each other. It is also useful in helping to understand certain historical facts about the family. It is generally agreed upon that a family relations graph is more or less a collection of chronological events with a few connections among them.


One can use the family relations tree diagram as a source material for further research. It is basically an attempt at tracing one’s roots through the past to the present. This way one gets to know the people whose lives and families are connected to the current situation in which he presently lives.

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