An informal certificate of appreciation is a document that is used to congratulate or acknowledge an employee on his/her promotion, on their retirement, or on the achievement of some other award. The purpose of this type of document is to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that an employee has shown to their chosen profession. The form is used as a thank you note, to acknowledge the fact that the employees have worked so hard for the company. It also gives the employees a chance to celebrate their achievements and to express their happiness at being considered for a promotion or for a job interview.


In many cases, it is not possible to create the formal certificate of appreciation in-house. This means that most businesses have an outside company that specializes in writing these documents. Business owners may choose to use a professional business that understands how to write the type of document they need. When choosing this type of provider, business owners should make sure that the organization is experienced and that they are able to write the kind of message that they want. They should also be able to customize the template to meet the specific requirements of the business.


Formal certificates of appreciation should be sent in a separate envelope, and should be hand signed by the business owner. There is no need for a signature for the electronic version of the document, which can be updated online whenever necessary. There are several advantages to using this type of document for a promotion or for welcoming an important new staff member to the company. These templates can help companies save time and money by customizing them to meet the specific needs of the company.

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