Free Goal Chart Template

Free Goal Chart Template


A goal chart template provides an effective way to chart your progress toward any goal. Goals are generally depicted as rows and your goal details are listed in columns. A goal chart assists you with keeping track of what you have accomplished toward your final goal, whether that is reaching an important sales target or achieving a business goal as a whole. It also helps to create accountability and ongoing communication with employees. In addition to the chart template, you may want to include other charts to support your goals.


Depending on the type of chart that you choose, you may only need one basic layout for it to be effective. You can use one of several different templates that provide the basic format of a bar graph, line chart, or pie chart. The key is to provide concise summaries of the progress that has been made toward each goal or each objective that you have set for yourself and your organization. For example, if you set a goal to reduce your employees’ sick leaves by a certain percentage over a given period of time, you may want to include a graphic of a bar graph with a line connecting the lowest point to the highest point on the chart. This graph is useful because it clearly shows the progression of the plan.


Another effective template for a goal tracker is the thermometer goal tracker. Thermometer goal trackers are similar to bar graphs, but they are more visually appealing and easier to read. With a thermometer goal tracker, you would initially indicate which departments and business units you would like to improve. Then, as productivity improves, the bar graph or line chart would indicate how quickly your business is improving and, at the same time, show projected savings in terms of dollars that could be realized if your efforts were further pursued. This template not only provides an effective tool for tracking productivity but also serves to make goals understandable.

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