Free Graduation Wine Bottle Label Template

Free Graduation Wine Bottle Label Template


A graduation wine bottle label template can be a valuable tool for any budding winemaker. A graduation wine bottle label template is very similar to the graduated labels used by the wine industry. Graduated labels are designed to allow consumers to recognize the various grades of wine at a glance. Graduation wine bottle templates are easy to use and ensure all aspects of the labeling process are covered. Once the wine grader has finished the labeling process, the finished product will look like a professionally printed label.


The graduated labels will allow the buyer to determine the grade of wine based on the number of years it has been opened. The wine bottle label template will include all the necessary information for the consumer to read. For instance, the year, the brand name, the varietals and the production year. The number of years a wine bottle label has been opened is important in determining the value of the wine. The consumer should always pay close attention to the date and resell price. Another great feature that a graduation wine bottle label template provides is the fact that there are a number of sizes to choose from.


By using a graduation wine bottle label template, anyone can create a professional-looking label for their product. Many wine retailer’s purchase blank wine bottles and then add their own label. This way they know exactly what type of wine bottle label they have purchased and will be able to easily sell their product.

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