Free Happy Hour Digital Signage Template

Free Happy Hour Digital Signage Template

Time and attendance management through Happy Hour Digital Signage Templates is an incredibly resourceful solution that streamlines the process of scheduling employees’ availability. These templates are designed to allow users to specify the time they wish to schedule their workers for, with a time and day of the week list. When the template is activated, the system automatically notifies the employee of their availability, along with a convenient tag line that lets them know that this is so.


Happy Hour Digital Signage Templates is available in a number of different sizes, depending on what may be needed. These templates work best as an integrated unit, incorporating all aspects of a digital sign in one easy to use component. The template works by displaying either a time-of-day or a list of the employee’s availability. When the user selects the correct time, the calendar displays the employee’s name, job title, department affiliation, as well as their availability status. This calendar can be customized to show only applicable hours, displaying the time zones that the employee is working in. It also allows you to show alternate working hours or alternative days if the employee is taking a holiday.


Once the scheduled time has been confirmed, the software automatically offers to take the employee to their workstation. The time and day of the week are also specified in the template, making it possible to set up a virtual shift schedule that can be monitored from any internet connected computer, even if the employee is on vacation. The ability to customize each template is key to a successful and automated monitoring system and also helps to ensure that there is consistency between all of the departments that are being monitored. Happy Hour digital signage templates offer a flexible and cost effective way to manage and streamline hours and availability throughout an entire company.

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