The health certificate template is a great means of verifying that your dog or cat is healthy enough to be transported on long journeys by others. Unfortunately not every country has an official recommended health certificate, although most certainly all do. Each individual country will have slightly different regulations and laws pertaining to transporting and maintaining pets. The cost of getting the template in the first instance may be recuperated in part from the savings made in vet bills when your pet needs treatment abroad. In addition, if you can provide your own medical records then this is greatly to your advantage as well.


It is very important that your pet has a certificate so that it can be returned if lost or stolen, making their travels safer. Pet health certificates may be available from the same place where you obtained the original certificate, or they may be available through your chosen vet. There are numerous places that offer online registration for your pet’s certificate, including your local government office. If you choose to use a veterinarian instead of a government office, there are many vets that offer the service free of charge. So obtaining a certificate from one of these qualified medical professionals is a great benefit.


Many people prefer to use the medical certificates offered by their vet as a way of marking the trip with some extra bonus points. If you can provide your pet with a certificate that contains photos of its travels then this will add greatly to the ‘motive’ for obtaining the certificate. You may even prefer to get both a written and photographic certificate so that all the trips that your pet takes over the years will be listed on the certificate along with photographs and details of the particular country or region that the animal has been to. The Health Certificate Template is one tool that you can use in this process. So, whether you’re travelling overseas or just around the block, take the time to check online to find a template for your Health Certificate form.

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