Free High Risk of Infection Beyond This Point Label Template

Free High Risk of Infection Beyond This Point Label Template


High risk of infection beyond this point is defined as having a serious or potentially life threatening illness or condition. These people may already have one or two health problems and the risk of infecting their family members or other contacts is very high. There are other people who have only one health problem but may be at high risk for contracting more health problems in the future. This can occur due to health issues which develop later in life such as Diabetes, HIV, Hepatitis, or even cancer.


When someone is diagnosed with High Risk of Infection beyond this point, they are assigned a number which identifies them as a high risk patient. At this stage the infected person may already have many conditions. This number is assigned based on the known medical history of the person and the severity of the symptoms. It is also determined according to how long it has been since the last symptom was seen. This risk factor is then reviewed by various health organizations and disease control centers and is updated accordingly.


Anyone who has this risk factor is required to obtain a High Risk of Infection beyond this point label (Hazardous Exposure) insurance policy which pays a specified sum for all the potential risks that are involved with the person being diagnosed. Most often this is needed when a person is diagnosed with a life threatening illness such as Cancer or HIV/AIDS. Although there is currently no treatment for these illnesses, getting the proper coverage is important for everyone in order to ensure that they are not facing financial ruin if they are diagnosed.

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